Special Parts and Tuning


Careful tuning and blueprinting work will reap dividends, tuning work does not have to be race radical or uncompromising, we can search to squeeze the last horsepower out of the design if required but my preferred approach is to aim for smoothness and driveability by effectively finishing the job the factory started adding a little modern know how along the way, subtle refining and optimising all of the engines components to work well together in balanced harmony.


All of the Laverda engines will benefit greatly with improvements to the porting; better breathing equals more power, a mild port polish and gas flow will make for a more responsive efficient engine. I also pay particular attention to valve seats, all of my seat work is carried out on Serdi Millenium equipment which produces exquisite three angle valve seats.


The triple head on the left and below has had the inlets tapered and flowed to suit 36mm Mikuni carbs, the 750 port below has been gas flowed note the waisted valve guide and reshaped guide boss

They say there ain’t no substiute for cubes! 81mm bore with Ross forged high compression pistons.

I can supply new oversize and standard pistons and liners, barrels can be machined to accept larger liners and crankcase mouths can also be opened up if converting from1000 to 1200 cc.

Both 120 and 180 engines can be converted to 1200 cc, with great results, not only from the increased capacity, the larger bore also unmasks the lower portion of the inlet valve and promotes better cylinder filling.


All of these parts have been lightned, the clutch parts have also been balanced. This attention to detail makes for a nice smooth free revving engine.

The cam wheels in the bottom of the picture have been lightened, polished and drilled to allow for very precise cam timing.



Machining camshaft from EN40B steel.


Special camshaft grinds can be supplied or your original cams can be re-profiled. A very worthwile modification is to use an RGS (F1) grind in place of a Jota (4C) Gives a lovely broad spread of power with no loss of snarling top end rush!



Mikuni RS carb kits can be supplied as a complete ready to bolt on kit, these give vastly improved throttle response and midrange torque over the old Dellortos an added bonus is improved fuel economy.
I can also overbore Dellorto PHF carbs and stock special adaptors and pump actuators which lift the carb tops to allow the slide to open to full throttle.


Hydraulic clutch conversion

Gives a nice light and progressive clutch action for early twins and triples. No more aching left hand! Inner gearbox cover is modified to accept a modern slave cylinder. Looks absolutely standard from the outside, only the hydraulic hose gives the game away, supplied on an exchange basis complete with braided hose and a new Brembo master cylinder.


Two types available, standard £320 or cut down a la SFC for £390. I can also supply clutch friction plates re-lined with Kevlar, these can be used with lighter springs and will not slip.