Chassis and handling

All aspects of frame and swing arm repair or manufacture can be undertaken, the picture shows a repair and re-enforcing of the steering head a common area of stress cracking on triple frames. I am a Lloyd’s coded welder and lifelong metal basher so you can be assured the standard of repair or modification is first class in its execution, neat, strong and pleasing to the eye.  


Cartridge fork conversion

I can modify Ceriani or Marzocchi (including M1R) forks by removing the crude original rod damper mechanism and fitting modern adjustable cartridge type dampers and new fork springs in either rising or linear rate. This is a very worthwhile modification which refines the ride, improves handling and instils confidence on the road, the modification is invisible from the outside. A slightly cheaper option is the fitting of Racetech cartridge emulators Please call or email and we can discuss your requirements.


Brake and Wheel upgrades


For those of you who are not so fussy about originality converting to early GSXR Suzuki wheels opens up the possibility of using radial tyres, the wheels have the additional advantage of being considerably lighter than the factory wheels with the handling benefits that reducing un-sprung weight brings. Four piston Brembo brake calipers can be fitted using the beautiful Redax caliper (link to adaptors) adaptors . All of these modifications are carried out in such a way that the machine can be retrofitted with its original equipment at any time, this is an important consideration as the value of the bikes continues to rise.