Probably the single most common reason for an older motorbike to be sat quiet in the garage rather than out having fun on the open road is tired and unreliable electrics, marginal battery charging came as standard with early Laverdas as did a rather crude ignition system, these systems worked OK in their day, indeed they were quite advanced (no pun intended) when compared to the contemporary Honda fours, big Z’s and GS Suzukis which were still using mechanical advance and retard systems and contact breaker points.
While a lot of the original Bosch ignitions are still working at thirty odd years old is a testament to their build quality they are very basic in their operation, the sudden ignition advance at 2500rpm is also rather harsh on the engine.

The most significant progress made with the internal combustion engine in the last thirty years has been in its management. A modern digitally controlled ignition system with smooth pre-programmed advance curves and strong reliable sparking will transform any Laverda almost beyond recognition, instilling modern levels of smoothness and good manners into the machine.

I can supply and fit the excellent Saches optically controlled digital ignition unit for all Laverda models, I can also offer an integrated 250watt alternator and ignition system combined for the early series 1 triples (REDAX) page which gives a totally modern and robust charging and ignition system.

I recommend Dyna ignition coils and can supply these with the correct mounting hardware and high quality ignition leads.

Wiring looms are custom built using modern high quality low oxygen copper wires, relay controlled circuits, solid state components, modern blade type fuses and waterproof connectors. I can also incorporate such niceties as HID Lighting and modern handlebar switchgear.